Sunday, March 9, 2008

BB Pilipinas take two

heto pa!
(nilinta ko lang sa ibang website)

Host: Awhile ago I heard that during the final briefing of the candidates, a lot of the girls cried. Why's that?

Candidate #12 : Because we are so tired. But this part of tiring schedule, we made it. Here. And we are very proud that we made a good thing and we made you happy all. Thank you.


Judge: Who among the leaders of the world would you like to meet? And why?

Candidate #12: I would like to beat *pause* Gloria Macapagal Arroyo *pause* She is
our...she is our present president of peeh lipeens. But i think that I be' will made it if i'm the President of the Peehlipeens because I have the heart for the all ofthe filipinos and right now im as chair (?) woman i'm starting to...i'm starting to serve the public starting to serve the people and im started from the youth.and i think years from now, I can make it to be a president of the Peehlipeens because right now at the age of 17 years old I serve many people especially the youth. Thank You.


Judge: Goood eveniing. Kindly name at least five things that make you smile.

Candidate #15: Five that can make me
smile. My family, my friends, my ateneo blockmates, cousins, my...the gorgeous girls back here.. *still thinking* The hosts says "5"... That's all. That's already 5.


Host: What went through your mind when your number was announced awhile ago by Charlene?

Candidate #3: Of course I am super-
overwhelmed. I'm almost crying because i didn't expect this. Im very much thankful to the judges who make me in the cut.

Binibining Pilipinas

di ko nakasama nanay ko manuod ng binibining pilipinas this year
pero salamat sa youtube, eh parang ginabi lang ako ng uwi
at tamang tamang dumating nuong q&a na (yan lang ang gusto ko part)

at ang hindi ko maintindihan, year in and year out eh kung bakit
di na lang kumuha ng interpreters iyung mga contestants

kung sumakit ang ulo nyo pakinggan, basahin nyo na lang

Viviene Tan: What role did your family play with you as a candidate to binibining pilipinas?
Candidate #15: Well my family's role for me is so important. Becos there was the...they was the one..whose..very...haha...oh im so sorry..uhmm my family...oh my God..okay...

Host: pede tagalog (pabulong)

Candidate #15: im sow sorry. I told you that im so confident..eto ...uhmmm wait..hahaha..uhmm..sorry guys because this was really my perst pageant ever. because I'm only 17 years old and uhh...*laugh* I did not expect dat I came from..i came from one of the tof ten. Mmm. So...but I said dot.. my family es the most important persons in my life. Thank you.